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Teaching/Learning Approach

Caspian uses various novel and practical teaching methods. The following are some of them:

Hand-Out System:

Classroom teaching is quite comprehensive and contains many references. It will be easy and time-efficient if the students get ready-made reading materials, summing up the contents of the classroom teaching. Teachers at Caspian just do that. Their hand-outs have always lessened the students’ examination hassles and fatigue. It assists them with the last-minute preparation at time of the examination.

Seminar and Research:

Caspian involves the students in various research works. The researches may be recommended and guided by the teachers. They may be course-oriented or related to the overall performance of the students. Seminars are also regularly held so that the students are updated and informed about the latest developments in their related subjects. The conductors of the seminars generally include important managers, scholars and professors.