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Code of Conduct

An effort is made to pay individual attention to all students in academics as well as in their physical, mental and moral development. The college also ensures a personal attention to all the students in dealing with their emotional problems making it one of the best college in kathmandu.

It also trains the students to take responsibility on their shoulders in matters of code of conduct and work.


Besides the regular weekly tests and three terminal exams, a screening test is held at the end of the session before filling up of the HSEB form. Only those students who are capable of securing the qualifying marks in the screening test are allowed to fill in the HSEB form.

Library with internet

Caspian provides a spacious and well-equipped library. We have books ranging from general to textual. Upon the demands of the students, reference books are added to the library from time to time. We have installed an internet facility in the library. The net can be used as a valuable source of information. Students can download the information they need and use it as a reference material which strengthens the curricular information the students have gained in their classrooms.

The college has highly equipped, sophisticated and safe laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. Necessary equipments for students are provided separately for each student. Students can explore the realms of science utilizing the above facilities. There is separate hotel management laboratory for management students.

Dress Code

Proper uniform is important to establish a sense of equality among the students. The wearing of it also develops a sense of identity and loyalty to the college. The uniform list is issued to all students upon registration. It is mandatory to wear proper attire at college and on other occasions related to the academics. The administration would not allow any fashionable alteration in the stipulated measurement of the uniform. Day to day monitoring of uniform, belts, bags, shoes, hairstyle, and nails will be there by the concerned staff. Violating the dress code, or improper general appearance will lead to the suspension of the students from the college.

Shuttle Service

The college has its own bus services at a reasonable cost for providing transportation facilities to the students residing in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The main objective of the transportation system is to cooperate our students in saving their time and fare.


We believe that good discipline is a matter of attitude and self-control rather than imposing rules, sanctions and punishment. We expect students to aim for the highest standards of life and collective behaviour at all times, both in and out of college. We will not accept behaviour that prevents others from learning or threatens the well-being of any other pupil.

Student Excursion

Caspian has a regular programme of educational tours. Students from all faculties can avail themselves of the opportunity of excursions. The tours are both domestic and international. In the past, excursion provided the students with practical insights in many matters of the curriculum. It is a must in some courses like Hotel Management where the students need to bolster their theoretical information with first-hand knowledge of experience that excursions provide.

Caspianians in Action

Keeping in mind the importance of sports, Caspian offers a wide range of game facilities. The college organizes a sports week every year and students participate in games like football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, chess, cricket etc. The college encourages the students to participate in the inter-college tournaments, too.

Breach of Code of Conduct

A student found guilty of a serious breach of code of conduct will be expelled from the College without any liability on the part of the college.
The code of conduct to be maintained by a student is generally provided on the Orientation Day.


Parents/guardians or even students wishing to withdraw their wards or discontinue the college during any term will have to pay the fees for the whole year and no amount will be returned to them. Further, in case of expulsion of a student from the college for breaching the code of conduct, the parents/guardians/students will have to pay the fees up to that period.
No transfer certificate will be issued unless all the dues are paid in full.


Parents, guardians and caretakers are hereby informed not to give valuable articles like gold/silver/diamond rings, mobile sets, etc. to their wards when they come to college. Under no circumstances, the College will take any responsibility for the loss of a valuable item.

Note: Cell phone is strictly prohibited inside the college premises.