Facilities at Caspian

The first good thing about Caspian is that it is situated at Kumaripati, Lalitpur, the centre of educational enterprises.We have excellent examination results with record-breaking scores as a proof why we are considered one of the college equipped with best facilities.

Extra Curricular Activities:

Keeping the importance of sports in view, Caspian offers a wide range of game facilities. Students can, within the college premises, play games like basketball, table tennis and so on. Those, who would like to take part in sports tournaments, can do so with the consent of the administration. Players are provided with special incentives like the waiver of the attendance record or financial encouragement etc.

Library with Internet:

Caspian provides a well-equipped library. We have books ranging from general to textual. Upon the demands of the students, reference books are added to the library from time to time. The library contains internet facility too. It can be used by the students free of cost. Important information can be downloaded from the net and used as reference materials which bolster the curricular information that the students may have gained in their classrooms.

Student Council:

The college allows students to organize a non-political student council. The members of it are elected by the students themselves. They organize various sports and cultural activities at the institution. They can, if necessary, do other activities of student welfare. They arrange for the publication of the college magazine or newsletters. If the students use the council for political purposes, the college reserves the absolute right to revoke it at any moment.

Students Excursion Programme:

Caspian has two kinds of excursion programs: domestic and international. The college arranges the excursions keeping in view their academic value. The first year students can go for domestic tours, that is, to any place of their choice within Nepal. The third year students, on the other hand, can go for a tour of SAARC countries. After the completion of the excursions, the students are required to submit the reports of the tours.