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Leave Rules

  • Ordinarily, no leave is granted during the regular class time, and leave should not be asked for except under very special circumstances.
  • Leave for religious functions and marriages should be avoided as far as possible. When it is absolutely necessary, home leave for two days, exclusive of journey time, may be granted in the case of marriage of the first relatives, accompanied by the printed invitation card.
  • Leave for two days plus the time of travel will also be sanctioned to offer condolence to immediate relations. Normally no leave will be granted during the examinations.
  • Students must return before the expiry of home leave. Latecomers will be fined NRS. 100/- per day.
  • If a student remains absent without information for one week or more after a certain vacation or expiry of home leave, his/her name will be struck off the register.
  • If a student is not able to join college after a certain vacation due to unforeseen circumstances, the college may consider the case. However, in such a case, an application, along with parents/guardians approved signature, must be produced when asked for.